The Petal Children's Task Force offers many services including, but not limited to, the following:

For families in the Petal School District-

  • Food Assistance                        Once every 30 days.

  • School Uniforms*                      Available at Petal First Baptist Church

  • Utility Assistance*                    (partial payment) Once every 6 months. Funds limited given on first come, first served basis.

  • Thanksgiving**                         Food boxes (does not count as food assistance for the month)

  • Christmas**                               Food boxes (does not count as food assistance for the month)




*School uniforms are available for all children who need assistance through Petal First Baptist Church,                    

**Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance are provided as special services, with separate sign up forms. They are organized as two of our major events, and dates for registration and the event itself will be announced in the Fall.

***We will provide food assistance to any family in need in the Petal area, even those without children under 16. ***


*** The Petal Children's Task Force is an Emergency Food Bank. We ask that clients only come in when truly in need.

*** All applicants are welcome, but our resources are limited, so we ask for your discretion when coming in without being in need. 

-In order to receive assistance, client must bring with them: (2) proofs of residency, proof of income (if available), and a picture ID. The head of household and/or the parent/guardian of any child registered must be present. Extenuating circumstances are taken into account. Please call our office during regular business hours, if you are unsure if you qualify.



To download and print out our general assistance form please click the helping hand:

Hours of Operations

**Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 9-2:30pm

**Tuesday 9-5:30pm

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